Why Wander Free?

Why Wander Free?

Make every day adventures a learning experience.

Wander Free Academy is designed to extend natural lessons. We believe that deep diving into adventures unlocks natural interests and encourages learning that children will retain for life.

Most of the study units you will find here are created as we work our homestead and travel the country. Basically, the study units we want/need but can’t find.

Whether you’re traveling or stationary, exploring or staying home, our immersive study units will awaken the explorer in your kiddos.

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Here’s What You Won’t Find Here:

Politics, Religion, Agendas

We want everyone to be able to deep dive into the National Parks, Learn About Farm & Homestead Life, Enjoy Nature, Plants, Animals and more without navigating views we may or may not share. Because of that, Wander Free is Politics, Religion and Agenda free.