Exploring the National Parks


Deep dive into our National Parks as you explore the amazing features that brought

Traveling the States helps you travel to all 50 states in America in a unit study fashion which is appropriate for ALL ages!

Traveling the States includes all fifty states and they can be done in any order. Do them alphabetically, in the order of statehood, or as you travel to each. You could even just let your kiddos pick a state so that they get a say in their learning.

For each state your family travels to you will locate the state on a map, read about the state, color the original artwork coloring page, learn more about the history of the state flag and color your own, stamp a passport, watch the YouTube playlist, learn about the history of the state as well as the nature of the state such as the state animal, bird, flower, and tree, play fun and educational games, and make a traditional recipe from that state.