Not sure where to start?

Club, study units, workbooks, Academy – oh my.

Here’s a breakdown of each of our offerings.

Club vs Academy

Wander Free Club

Your month of fun and educational extras is already planned with the Wander Free Club. Monthly content bundles are delivered on the first. Bundles are seasonally themed and include crafts, recipes, printables, book lists & more. Just $7 a month.

The club does not include access to study units and does not enroll your child(ren) in Wander Free Academy.

The club

Wander Free Academy

The Wander Free Academy is an umbrella school that you can enroll your students in as a homeschooler. With our umbrella school it gives you the ability to teach your children with your own method – without the restrictions of your state, including end of year assessments. We provide enrollment paperwork, access to all of our study units and printables, a parent club, a student club, two 15 minute phone consultations and an official Wander Free Academy end-of-year transcript. We also help students wishing to dual enroll with transcripts for college.

Wander Free Academy Enrollees get access to ALL of our study units for free, the monthly bundles that are delivered to the club and can take any of our classes at no additional cost. 


Study Units vs Workbooks

Wander Free Study Units

Study units are a digital download that you purchase and print yourself. Each study unit is purchased individually. Our study units are taught by the parent and can include a lesson, worksheets, crafts, Youtube playlists and more. Each study unit is a little different, so be sure to check the product listing. Nothing is mailed.

Study Units

Wander Free Workbooks

Wander Free Workbooks are designed to be used in your home classroom or on the go. Whether you’re working on handwriting or diggin in on a specific topic, our workbooks and journals might be what you’re looking for. Check them out in the workbook section on our website.

See workbooks & journals