Wander Free Academy Private School

Wander Free Academy is a private school (umbrella) operating from the State of Texas with students enrolled from all over the world. In order to make homeschooling easier for parents around the country, we have opened enrollment into our school to offer an umbrella to parents who need it. Because of our school status, we are permitted to issue transcripts and diplomas for your students if they are “enrolled” in our school.

Students enrolled in our private school include:

  • Unschoolers
  • Nature Schoolers
  • Roadschoolers
  • Eclectic Home Educators¬†
  • & More

Do I Still Need To File In My State?

Wander Free Academy is officially a private school. In most states, compulsory learning requires that you file in your state or enroll your child in a public or private school. Enrolling your child in Wander Free Academy is you officially enrolling your child in a private school. If you are already filed with your local school district as a homeschool, you can simply let your district know that you have enrolled your child in a private school.

Please note that some states are more difficult than others, likewise some school districts that aren’t familiar with state laws may be difficult to deal with (we get it!). If you have questions regarding your state or country, please contact us before enrolling.


Transcripts & Records

Each year every family that has been associated with Wander Free Academy will be able to submit their projects, curriculum and more in order to create a transcript that can be used for records. High schoolers will be able to use their transcript to apply for college. 

We will connect with each family to schedule their appointment to create transcripts and records for the year when the school year is coming to an end. Expect to schedule the year-end call in May. 

Enrollment Paperwork

When you enroll in Wander Free Academy, we will email a copy of your child’s enrollment into our school. You will also receive a copy in the mail on our official letterhead. This enrollment documentation should meet the compulsory attendance laws where you live. 

Please note that we issue enrollment paperwork M-F 9-5 first come, first served and it may take up to two business days for your paperwork to be processed. 


Can I Enroll Anytime or Do I Have to Wait Until Next Year?

Your child can be enrolled at any time. We understand that sometimes homeschooling can be scary and confusing, with that said, we allow parents to enroll their students at any time, allowing parents to withdrawal their students from their current schooling situation. We will assist parents with their withdrawal paperwork and enrollment into Wander Free Academy. 

Do You Provide Curriculum?


Wander Free Academy is a support system that gives parents who want to homeschool their children the opportunity to do so legally and with support while teaching using the curriculum of their choice.


All of our enrolled students have access to all of our study units and can download them at any time during the school year. Our study units are for kids of all ages (yes, junior high and high school students love them too) that love nature-based learning.

Access closes when the school year ends. 


Do You Teach My Child?

No. You are your child’s teacher. Wander Free Academy students enrolled under our umbrella can download any of our study units for free, but children are taught at home by their home educating parent. 

We provide a portal for students to work on projects together and build a community.

The benefits of homeschooling for high school students are outstanding. High school students are free to pursue their passions by learning topics they enjoy, participating in apprenticeships, volunteering, pursuing passion projects, creating businesses, exploring the world or enrolling in college for dual enrollment.

Phone Support

With your enrollment, you receive two free 15 minute consult calls. Additional consult calls are available for an additional fee. During these consult calls we can talk about curriculum, ideas for your specific child’s interests and more. These calls expire every year on May 31st and are use or lose.


As Little or As Much Support As You Need


Join our parent community when you enroll your child. We provide ideas, encouragement and more. Access to download the study units shown on our website is also provided in the parent portal.


Students can choose to participate in our secure student portal where homeschoolers from all over the world connect with one another to share projects, experiences and more.



Can My High School Student Graduate and Go To College?

Wander Free Academy high school students will have a diploma from Wander Free Academy and the transcripts they need to enroll in college. In some cases students are dual enrolled in High School and College (our founders sons is one example).

What Kind of School of This?

Wander Free Academy is a private school registered with the state of Florida. We operate as an umbrella school for various types of homeschoolers. We provide consultations, transcripts and more for our enrolled students. HOWEVER, this is NOT a virtual school. We do not provide curriculum or teaching aside from our study units.

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Will My Child Have a Student ID or Can They Receive a Work Release?

We understand the need as parents who have needed these services. Parents who need school IDs, work releases or letters from the school superintendent may click here to purchase additional add-ons. Please note that these services are only available for currently enrolled students.